Wag Whole Deer Antler Dog Treats


Size: Small
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Antlers are the holy grail of chews because they're long lasting and durable, keeping your dog's chewtime endlessly enjoyable. Rich with calcium and phosphorous – both essential minerals in canine diets – antlers give your dog the vitals for healthy bones and teeth. Chewing away at antlers can even help reduce doggo's plaque and scrape away tartar build up by a massive 70%. Keep your dog's smile selfie-ready — give your dog an antler a day, keep dental disease at bay.


  • Whole deer antler
  • Encourages chewing for better dental health
  • Long lasting chew to help prevent boredom
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus
  • Product of New Zealand
  • 100% natural and grain free


100% Hard Deer Antler

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