SportDog Nobark 10 Collar

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The SportDOG No Bark SBC-10 is a vibration activated static electric bark collar for dogs above 5kg. The collar has 10 levels of low to high static stimulation levels suitable for timid to stubborn dogs. Choose between two modes of operation: Progressive Stimulation Mode and Manual Stimulation Mode.

    How it Works

    Two Modes of Operation

     Progressive Mode

    The collar starts at the lowest level (level 1). When your dog barks, the collar delivers a static stimulation at level 1. With each bark within 30 seconds, the collar will increase to the next level (level 2, 3, 4 etc.) After 30 seconds of silence, the collar will reset back to level 1.

    User-Select Mode

    You manually choose the correction level on the collar. When you dog barks, the collar will deliver a correction at the level you have chosen.

    Note: Always begin with the collar on level 1. If your dog barks through level 1, increase the collar to level 2. If they continue to bark through level 2, increase the collar to level 3 and so on until you find the level that matches your dog's drive. The reaction you should see from your dog is an ear flick/head twitch and a stop to their barking.

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