Litter Robot III Fence


Size: each
Sale price$39.95


The Litter-Robot 3 Fence is one of our most popular Litter-Robot accessories, acting as a barrier to contain kicked-up litter and help prevent messes.

  • Easy to clean
  • Protects the entryway
  • Simple to install (no tools required)
  • helps keep litter in the globe if you have diggers and scratchers
  • helps secure the front entry if your cats pull the liner edge loose from the entry lip
  • helps protect the front entry if you have heavy footed or long clawed cats (ie BSH)
  • encourages long tailed cats to enter fully and turn around, rather than leaving the tails out, as it makes the position less comfortable
  • can help protect the entry area if your cats 'phantom' scratch, damaging the liner (depends on where they scratch)
  • stops nibblers from chewing the front entry lip
  • may help cats who deposit too close to the front entry, to move further into the globe

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