Joy Wellbeing Parrot Fruit And Nut Treats


Size: 250g
Sale price$13.00


Joy Parrot Fruit and Nut is a delicious and nutritious supplemental seed mixture formulated specifically for parrots, macaws, and cockatoos. This high-quality seed mixture provides your pet bird with a healthy reward packed full of essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and delicious tropical fruits and nuts to help maintain a balanced diet and keep your parrot happy, energized, and full of song. 


    • Provides a healthy addition to your pet’s everyday diet.
    • Full of nutritious seeds providing your pet cockatiel with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain health, wellbeing, and immune system.
    • Packed with crunchy nuts enriched with extra protein.
    • Delicious tropical fruits such as pineapple and paw paw to satisfy your bird’s sweet tooth.
    • Handy resealable pack for long-lasting freshness.
    • Made in Australia.


    Lucerne Pellets. Pepitas. Pineapple Diced. Red Paw Paw. Almonds Slivered. Banana Chips. Honey Dipped Currants. Linseed. Puffed Millet. Mung Beans. Sunflower Kernels. Safflower Seed. Wheat Flour. Soyabean Meal. Fish Meal. Spirulina. Kelp Flour. Dried Yeast. Wheat Germ. Chlorine Chloride. Iodine. Copper. Iron. Manganese Oxide. Zinc. Cobalt. Manganese. Selenium. Anti-Caking Agent.

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