Joy Wellbeing Budgie Talking Seed Treat


Size: 250g
Sale price$8.85


Joy Budgie Talking Treat is a delicious and nutritious supplemental seed mixture formulated specifically for budgies, cockatiels, and parakeets. This high-quality seed mixture provides caged birds such as budgies of all ages and sizes with a healthy reward packed full of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help maintain a balanced diet and keep your pet bird happy, energized, and full of song. 


    • Provides a healthy addition to your pet’s everyday diet.
    • Full of nutritious seeds providing budgies, parakeets, and cockatiels with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain health and wellbeing.
    • Added calcium to help maintain strong beaks and claws.
    • Added charcoal for good gut health.
    • Handy resealable pack for long-lasting freshness.
    • Made in Australia.


    Ingredients: Linseed. Rape Seed. Canary Seed. Japanese Millet. White French Millet. Glucose. Breadcrumbs. Hulled Oats. Charcoal. Vitamin A. B1. B2. B3. B5. B6. B9. B12. C. D3. E. H. K3. Di-Methionine. Choline Bitartrate. Lysine Sulphate. Ferrous Sulphate. Manganese Sulphate. Anti-Caking Agent. Sodium Benzoate. Lactose.

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