Honeypot Lavender Tofu Cat Litter


Size: 2.4kg
Sale price$119.00


Honeypot natural cat litter is made with bean curd residue as its main material, mixed with corn starch and vegetable adhesive shaped into columnar sand. There is less tracking and feels good on the cats feet. It is a good deodoriser and is non-toxic, no dust and quick absorption, reducing the risk of respiratory infections of cats. The clumps can be easily scooped out and composted or flushed. An eco-friendly cat litter for our environment as well. 


  • Fast Absorption: Fast absorption & clumping without sticking to bottom of litter tray, and easy for cleaning
  • Hard Clumping: Solid and undispersed
  • Long-lasting odor control: With more interspaces inside, the product is good at odor control to reduce bacterials and keep a fresh air environment
  • Safe and Healthy: Made from natural beancurd residue without any harmful ingredients.
  • Easy Removal of Clumps: The clumps is bio-degradable in water. It can be either burned or flused down toilet. Environmentally friendly.

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