Gigwi Pet Droid Food Dispenser


Size: Each
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The Gigwi Pet Droid Food Dispenser is an automatic pet feeder and treat dispenser suitable for both dogs and cats. It can be programmed to dispense meals and treats while you are away from home to ensure your pet never goes hungry for too long. Suitable for both wet and dry foods, the dispenser can be timed to provide up to 6 separate feedings. 


  • 6 separate compartments holding up to 240mls of food.
  • Timer and rotating tray to control and dispense food according to your pet’s routine.
  • Mealtimes can be divided as you like e.g. 3 meals over 1 day, 2 meals over 3 days.
  • Compact, simple, and easy to clean.
  • Easy to read, large LCD display screen.
  • Perfect for regulating meals for dogs and cats on controlled diets.
  • Low battery indicator light to let you know when to replace batteries.

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