Blue Planet White Spot Remedy Aquarium Treatment


Size: 50ml
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Blue Planet White Spot Remedy Aquarium Treatment

Blue Planet White Spot Remedy a reliable and effective solution for use in treating a number of common diseases in goldfish, tropical and freshwater fish. This broad-spectrum medication can be used in freshwater aquariums to treat and control white spot disease, velvet disease, and fungal disease,.and is suitable for use on smaller species including baby fish as well as scaleless species such as loaches. 


  • Powerful medicated treatment for use in controlling common infections in goldfish, freshwater and tropical fish.
  • Treats a variety of infections including white spot, velvet, and other fungal diseases.
  • Safe to use on plants and fish in recommended doses.
  • Can be repeated every 3 days to treat as required.
  • Supports aquatic life with a fungus-free and parasite-free environment.
  • Helps fish to sustain a longer and higher quality of life.
  • Active ingredient: 37mg/mL Formaldehyde. 0.32mg/mL Malachite Green.

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