Blue Planet Pond Clear Aquarium Treatment


Size: 500ml
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Blue Planet Pond Clear Aquarium Treatment

Is your pond turning green, but not from envy but rather through algae ?  Blue Planet Pond clear can help you turn your green into clear. Blue Planet Pond Clear controls most algae common to ornamental fish ponds and prevents algae from reappearing. 

Pond clear will not affect pond plants or fish, when used as directed.  If your pond is affected by algae it most likely also depletes the oxygen saturation of your pond water, which will affect the health of your fish.  Please note that this product is a remedy for algae growth. 

Algae growth is promoted by phosphates from fish food , fish waste and direct sunlight. So if you have a lot of food which is not consumed it might help to reduce the feeding quantity.  Also water changes will assist in keeping the algae concentration to a minimum.

Always read the instructions before use.


  • Helps enhance water quality
  • Ideal for small tanks or fish bowls
  • Dosage: 1ml/25L for first treatment.
  • Active constituent: 18.75g/L Simazine

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