Blue Planet Freshwater Ph Test Kit


Size: Each
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We love helping you create your own unique Living under water world and the pH value of your water plays a vital role in the live, coloration and potential breeding.  The Blue Planet Complete Freshwater Test kit allows you to understand your aquarium's pH values and adjust them up or down, if needs be.

Please note that extreme care should be taken in increasing or lowering the pH level as your fish might be effected by pH shock.  Always read the instructions. For fresh Water Only


  • Multiple pH tests
  • Corrects pH up and Down
  • 100% Genuine Aqua One Product
  • Helps maintain a healthy aquarium environment
  • Brand: Blue Planet
  • Product: Complete Freshwater pH test kit with Up and Down solution.
  • Includes: Instructions, Chart, Test Tube, Test Liquid, PH UP and PH Down
  • PH Range: 6.2 - 7.4pH

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