Blue Planet 18W Light For Maxi Mega Aquariums


Size: Each
Sale price$24.99


The Blue Planet Light for Maxi-Mega Aquariums 18W is a replacement white lamp to fit Maxi and Mega BluePlanet aquariums. This cost-effective dual-tube can last for up to 2 years running at 24 hours per day and offers low consumption power and a low carbon footprint, providing your tank with an impressive, luminous glow that replicates natural sunlight. 


  • Replacement white dual-tube lamp to fit Maxi and Mega Blue Planet tanks.
  • Low 18-watt fluorescent light to help reduce your electricity costs.
  • Powerful light strong enough to provide fish and reptiles with required exposure.
  • Helps to mimic natural sunlight to stimulate plant and organism growth.
  • Can provide up to 2 years-worth of power running at 24 hours a day.
  • Dimensions: 3cm L X 5cm W x 26cm H.

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