Applaws Chicken And Vegetables In Broth Wet Dog Food

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Applaws has been creating natural cat and dog food for 10 years and truly believe that making pet food matters. Each recipe contains simply wholesome goodness from the high quality, ethically sourced ingredients within.

Applaws tinned foods for dogs are made using premium quality, human grade meat proteins with limited extra ingredients to create a pure, natural and nutritious complementary food for your dog. The limited number of ingredients ensure your dog gets all the nutrition they need, with no uneccesary additives. Applaws complementary foods are designed to be served alongside a complete and balanced dry food to offer variety and a nutritional boost. Complementary feeding also helps to boost water intake for better hydration which supports kidney and urinary tract health.

This high quality natural tinned food for dogs contains succulent pieces of ethically sourced chicken breast served in a rich broth with pumpkin, carrots, green peas and rice. Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein and a natural source of taurine, which plays a role in heart and eye health.


Chicken Breast 45%, Chicken Broth 26%, Pumpkin 8%, Carrot 8%, Green pea 8%, Rice 5%.

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