Wag Natural Dog treats available at pikabu. Special Prices. Fast Shipping.
  • Wag Whole Deer Antler Dog Treats

    Antlers are the holy grail of chews because they're long lasting and durable, keeping your dog's chewtime endlessly enjoyable. Rich with calcium and phosphorous – both essential minerals in canine diets –...
    From $12.69
  • Wag Bully Sticks Dog Treats - Pikabu Wag Bully Sticks Dog Treats - Pikabu
    Sold Out

    Wag Bully Sticks Dog Treats

    Bully Sticks are the perfect combo of mouthwatering flavour and super-powered dental benefits. But it’s not just the delicious taste that will get any dog drooling – this juicy treat...
    From $4.99
  • Wag Pig Ears Dog Treats

    Keep looking out for your doggo’s best dental health with this 100% Pork single-ingredient treat. Big on protein, hard on plaque and each bite is also super lean, so you...
    From $3.99
  • Wag Premium Cuts Bully Bites Dog Treats

    Easier to digest and chew than bone or antler, Wag Bully bites are a great first dental treat for puppies and adult dogs alike. Made from 100% Australian beef pizzle...
    From $7.99
  • Wag Beef Spare Rib Dog Treats

    One of our best sellers, made in Australia, using all-natural, Australian beef (veal) spare ribs. These treats are dried, not cooked, meaning the bones are safer and therefore will not...
  • Wag Vegetable Ear Dog Treats - Pikabu
    Sold Out

    Wag Vegetable Ear Dog Treats

    We’ve got a fresh veggie alternative for doggos with a special diet. Our Veggie Ears are low in fat and easy to digest packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. The...
  • Wag Goat Horn Dog Treats

    Baby we go(a)t your boredom busted! Long-lasting Goat Horns are naturally shed and sustainably sourced. The Keratin proteins inside add strength and shine to coats and scrape away tartar build-up...
    From $9.99
  • Wag Premium Cuts Pig Snouts Dog Treats

    Pig Snouts are protein-high for doggo’s craving a flavour hit, that also delivers on health benefits. They’re ultra crunchy to keep plaque and tartar at bay, plus low-fat for real...
    From $7.99
  • Wag Premium Cuts Forage Fish Dog Treats

    WAG Forage Fish are a single ingredient, grain free treat for your buddy. Low in fat and made from tasty protein these treats are ideal for chewing and can be...
    From $7.99
  • Wag Premium Cuts Venison Dog Treats

    Give your furry mate a protein-rich treat from down under with the WAG Premium Cuts Venison Dog Treats. Bring on the tail-wagging with these premium fillets of lean, heart-healthy venison...
    From $7.99
  • Wag Shark Skin Roll Dog Treats

    Shark Skin Rolls bring the deep blue to your doggo’s dinner bowl. Tough and chewy, Shark Skin Rolls are teeming with essential nutrients like Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin B6 and...
    From $6.99
  • Wag Shark Tail Chew Dog Treats

    A hypoallergenic superfood and sustainably sourced from Queensland, Shark Tails are the all-natural treat that any dog would obsess over. Shark Tails are enriched with bountiful glucosamine, Omega Fatty Acids...
  • Wag Queen Fish Tail Chew Dog Treats

    Queen Fish Tails are 100% sustainably sourced, single-ingredient, grain-free and straight from the sea. They’re flush with feel-good vitamins and minerals, Omega Fatty Acids and anti-inflammatory elements. So curtsey to...
  • Wag Large Beef Tendon Dog Treats

    For doggos with demanding bite, these Large Beef Tendons have got their back. The benefits are innumerable but they start with sky-high protein, healthy collagen and finish with a mouthwatering,...
  • Wag Moo Tubes Dog Treats

    Made from 100% Aussie Beef, Moo Tubes are good chews news – long lasting and good for dental health! They are loaded with glucosamine, keeping your pups joint healthy for an...
  • Wag Goat Trotter Dog Treats

    Goat Trotters are a healthy, boredom-busting occupy treat for dogs who love to chew. Goat meat is rich in Vitamin B for a healthy metabolism, and low levels of potassium and sodium make it easy on sensitive stomachs. If...
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