• Aristopet No Scratch Spray

    The Aristopet 125ml No Scratch Spray contains a blend of essential oils that work together to prevent cats from scratching in places you don’t want them to. With a mild...
    From $9.50
  • Fidos Chew Stop Spray

    Fidos Chew Stop Spray discourages puppies and dogs from chewing on household items A bitter spray to help prevent undesirable chewing on household items such as furniture, clothing, shoes and...
    From $6.50
  • Aristopet Stop Chew Spray

    Save your furniture, shoes and any other household items from destructive chewing with this stop chew spray. Aristopet have developed this easy to apply spray that's safe to use and...
    From $14.90
  • Fidos Bedding And Jacket Spray

    Fidos Bedding And Jacket Spray is a pleasant smelling insecticidal spray for pet's bedding, pet's clothing and their environment. Flea control for use on areas in and around the house...
  • Aristopet Odour Eliminator Spray

    Aristopet Odour Eliminator Spray is an effective odour neutraliser spray designed to help eliminate unpleasant pet smells around the home. This fast-acting ion-exchange formula deeply penetrates surfaces such as carpets,...
  • Fidos Tear Stain Remover

    Fidos Tear Stain Remover gently removes tear and saliva stains Gentle cleansing solution for the removal of tear and saliva stains in cats and dogs. Safe to use around eyes...
  • Fidos Hydrobath Flush And Kennel Cleaner

    Fidos Hydrobath Flush And Kennel Cleaner is for the disinfection of dog baths and the pet's environment A disinfectant for use in hydrobaths, dog washing machines, kennels, catteries, aviaries, stables,...
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