Trouble And Trix Ultra Scoop Cat Litter

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Size: 10L
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Triple shield - clumping clay litter with combined elements to lock away odours. Fusing bentonite and zeolite clays, to make a super absorbant scoopable litter base, that is lighter weight than standard clumping litters. The addition of a super absorbing carbon and neautralising baking soda for a superior odour neutralising capabilities. Finally adding a lightly fragrant fresh ocean breeze scent as a final check masking agent. Designed as a multi-cat solution due to superior capabilities and action. Triple shield protection, the carbon absorbs strong odours, the baking soda neautralises acidic uring and Zeolite locks away ammonia smell.

  • Ultimate in odour control functionality
  • Designed as a multi-cat solution.

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