Aristopet No Scratch Spray

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Aristopet No Scratch Spray

The Aristopet No Scratch Spray contains a blend of essential oils that work together to prevent cats from scratching in places you don’t want them to. With a mild smell that is nice to humans but awful to cats, they’ll stay well away from the areas that you spray. Aristopet No Scratch Spray has an herbal formula so is super safe and non-toxic to your pet as well as any kids around. Having a scratching post nearby sprayed areas will help satisfy your cat’s instinct to scratch, without destroying your furniture.

  • Blend of essential oils that discourages cats from scratching the treated area.
  • A mild odour that is pleasant to humans but obnoxious to cats.
  • We suggest having a scratching post, with catnip spray, to promote appropriate scratching.

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