With lots of fun comes lots of responsibilities

 With lots of fun comes lots of responsibilities 

The term ‘fur babies’ may have started off as a light-hearted term of endearment but that doesn’t diminish the fact that our furry friends actually do need the same care and attention as hooman babies. Ever-popular cat and dog videos online show the fun side of having pets (and it is almost always fun). They don’t always show the work that goes on behind - from feeding to toilet training, walking to arranging for pet sitters when you’re not home. 


Nevertheless, once you decide to get a pet, you’re in for a (paw)esome journey. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind. 



There are lots of varieties in the market so you may have to experiment a bit to find the right one for your pet. In addition to dry and wet food, you can also try natural, grain-free dog and cat food. You may even want specialised dental treats (yes, pets need dental care too!) and other snacks that come in handy between meals or while training. 


If you’re adopting a grown dog, you should check their prior food history if available. This will also reduce their adjustment time.  


Once you’re sure of your pet’s food habits, it’s a good idea to start a subscription plan. So, if you pick this wet dog food from pikabu, you can select the ‘Auto repeat and save’ option at checkout. This creates a recurring order with an item and frequency of your choice. It's economical and you can pause, edit or cancel anytime. The best part is that your pet needn’t go hungry because you couldn’t restock in time. 



You should set a routine to make sure your pets have enough walk time. It is crucial for their physical and mental health. If you don't find the time for daily walks, engage the services of a dog walker. You will find many pet products online at pikabu that can make the walk a comfortable and secure experience for them. These include soft grip leads or retractable ones, dog and cat collars, dog harnesses and reflective nylon on these for greater visibility in the night.  



You're not going to be able to play with your pets 24/7 so keep them occupied with toys. Pets may even find solace in them. A favourite toy can be a great way to deal with anxiety or stress. You can easily buy dog and cat toys online through brands like ours. 


Cleaning and grooming 

We've all laughed at videos of pets trying their darnest best to avoid a bath but no matter how they protest, regular washes are essential. You can find a lot of pet products online at pikabu to help you out with pet grooming. These include dog nail clippers, anti-worming tablets and insect repellent sprays for both cats and dogs. 


Make sure that your pet’s environment is clean too. This means regular cleaning of cat litter boxes, dog beds, fish tanks and bird cages.  


Vet visits 

Just like we get annual check ups done to stay on top of our health, make sure to add regular vet visits to your schedule even if your pet isn’t showing any visible signs of distress or illness. It pays to be on top of their health too!  


Pets shower us with unconditional love. They bring such warmth and joy into our lives. It's only fair that we give them the best care they can possibly have. No true pet lover will ever find it to be a chore to do so. Besides, we’re always around to help out in all ways possible.