Litter Robot 3 Connect

If you dread cleaning your cat's litter box and find that you're leaving it unattended then you should definitely go for this Automatic self cleaning cat litter system by Litter Robot.

Litter Robot III Connect Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter System

With a high-tech solution to handle your cat's litter box without requiring any effort, the Automatic Litter-Robot Open Air by Litter Robot Australia uses sensors to detect when your cat uses it, and after it leaves, the self-cleaning begins. 

The best self-cleaning litter boxes should have an easy set up, cleaning system and clump removal, Litter robot III does it all. It basically scoops out after every use and deposits the waste into a drawer and reduces the odour.

The Litter Robot has an expansive chamber with a large entryway area giving it an open-air look which makes it comfortable for heavier cats too. The litter Robot works with all kinds of clumping litter. The screen that sifts suits best for clumping, scoopable clay litters and litter crystals. Due to the particle size, wood and paper based clumping litters are not advised.

Extensive List of Features that the Litter Robot III Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter System offers:

  • Provides an 18 month warranty
  • Self-clean feature - The litter box cleans itself after every use
  • Spacious litter chamber - It has a large entryway and a litter chamber that is comfortable for the larger cats.
  • Reduces litter odour - The system automatically cleans the waste within a few minutes which helps reduce any odors. It has a carbon-filtered, fully enclosed waste drawer with a convenient design.
  • Great for multiple cats of all sizes with maximum weight 12.5 kg - A clean litter box available after each use works best for a home with multiple cats.
  • Blue light Drawer Full Indication - A blue light that blinks will notify you when the waste drawer is full. It works on a Safe 15 VDC Power
  • Adjustable cycle timer - As per your preference, you can choose a 3 minute, 7 minute, or 15 minute delay of self-clean system after every use.
  • Sleep mode & lock out feature - The litter box has an 8-hour sleep mode which stops the unit from cycling at night.
  • Automatic night light - It helps the elderly cats during night time. The light can also be switched on and off. 

Acclimating the cat to the Litter Robot 

If your cat has been using the traditional litter box, it can take some time getting used to the Litter Robot. You can try keeping the Litter Robot where your old litter box is or leave it next to it for some time. Take some litter from the old litter box and put it inside the Litter Robot. The scent will attract the cat to check it out.

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