3 essentials for your doggo’s health and happiness

3 essentials for your doggo’s health and happiness  

If our furry best friends could talk, in a way that’s clearer than the average husky, they’d articulate some very simple wants - 200% of our attention and time, lots of play (preferably in the park), oodles of cuddles, LOTS of treats, the freedom to tear and shred our upholstery and knock down a couple of pesky showpieces. Now, a lot of these are not possible or advisable but with a little help you can address some of the needs here.


There’s a whole world of goodies that you can and should explore for your pet dogs and pikabu has a range that covers nearly every aspect. We’re picking out three essentials for now that we think you shouldn’t miss. We must warn you, not all will be welcomed by your doggos immediately. However, being a good pet parent means you also need to be a disciplinarian sometimes.


Dog toys for the win!

Sure, they’ll just be happy with a twig or the outer packaging of your home delivery cartons but more toys are never a bad thing. You may not have thought of this but toys actually serve an important role in your furry best friend’s physical and emotional health. It keeps them occupied, relaxes them and helps put a lid on behaviours such as excessive barking. You can simply Buy Dog Toys like this Snuggle Friends Standing Bear Dog Toy. You could also opt for some multipurpose ones like this KONG Corestrength Ball which is great for play but also cleans their teeth and gums. If you’re heading out for a picnic, carry something like this KONG Cruncheez Flyer. Not only is it a great interactive toy, it also satisfies their chewing instincts and the toy’s durability means you don’t have to worry about it getting worn out too soon.


A dog harness for support

Many dog owners may have felt squeamish about having to yank at their pets’ necks when they’re on the leash. The easiest way to address this worry is to get a good, supportive harness. More and more pet owners are increasingly opting for these nowadays. Remember, all dogs aren’t built the same - even within breeds. This means you may have to spend some time fixing a newly purchased harness on your dog and using it to make sure that it supports them and does not impede their movement. It may take a fully grown dog some time to transition but generally, it gets easier especially since they get more freedom to move around. At pikabu, we have a range of no pull harnesses for your dog. We also have a cool collection of dog car harnesses and restraints for easy travelling like this high-quality, secure in-car harness for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


Dog nail clippers

Veteran dog parents are all too-familiar with the dramatic tantrums that their fur babies can throw when it comes to a quick nail clipping session. Newbies on the verge of adopting one may have encountered similar scenes in funny dog videos. In reality, it can be a good laugh and a task but mainly, it's essential. Overgrown nails can hamper smooth movement while also being a danger to your pet’s health since they can break easily and harm them or cause infections. So, no matter how tough resisting those puppy eyes might be, a set of sturdy nail clippers are a must-have. You can check out this nifty Petkit Led Pet Nail Clipper which has a bright LED light that can illuminate colored nails making it easy to locate the blood vessels in a pet's nail.


The list of things that you can get to distract and satisfy your dog’s needs are endless. However, at the end of the day, nothing quite beats the love and attention your presence alone can bring. Products and supplies are simply aids to help you along the way.